Implementing a dragging-unit on "TACCHELLA" Grinder
The machine is equipped with a robotic loading system, but all the raw parts present on the pallets are prepared with a "Dog dragging." This tooling step is entirely manual, and involves a great loss of time:



Taking advantage of the conformation of Work-Head, we have developed equipment running inside the shaft; 4-talons dragging ensure that the drag of the piece:


On the rear side of the Work-Head is fixed the control device:


We have modified the PLC/NC program to drive the pneumatic actuator of the equipment in a manner consistent with the cycle of loading / unloading.

All customizations program PLC / NC were made to fit the application, and free the client's request with respect to the operation on the machine, so that a change in the way we operate the machine does not generate uncertainties in the operator never .

Here, finally, a photo of the machine cycle:


Date: 29/12/2013

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